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3100 Windsor Avenue, Dubuque, IA
Worship - 10:45am Sunday


God’s Vision for GracePoint

GracePoint will be a fellowship of people in brokenness embraced by God’s extravagant grace, and sent into mission to reclaim the captive, restore the wounded, and redeploy the equipped. As we live and share the gospel of grace, seekers and believers of all ages will become devoted Christ-followers who engage in proclaiming and embodying God’s Word, persevering Prayer, passionate Worship, life-changing Fellowship, life-long Equipping, life-encompassing Stewardship, and life-giving Missional Outreach.

We will be a place of grace, a people of prayer, and a partner with God as we love God through…

Passionate WORSHIP, ushering people into God’s glorious presence Jn 4:23
God delights in us and desires us to delight in Him. In worship, we come to God with all our sin, sorrow, and struggle and encounter God’s forgiving, comforting, and empowering presence. We believe worship is primarily for believers to connect with God.

Persevering PRAYER, partnering with God to manifest God’s kingdom Col 4:2
God’s power, promises, and kingdom plans are appropriated through fervent prayer. Everything in the Christian life flows out of intimate relationship with the Trinity, and prayer is God’s gift to foster such intimacy.

Proclaiming and Embodying GOD’S WORD, shaping who we are and how we live Jn 1:14
Jesus Christ is the Living Word and so truth is relational. Through the Bible, we encounter the Father’s heart of love, the Son’s gospel of grace, and the Holy Spirit’s power so that we may love and worship God, become who we are as God’s adopted children, and participate in God’s redemptive plans.

We will be a place of grace, a people of prayer, and a partner with God as we love people through…

Life-changing FELLOWSHIP, offering a safe place to belong, believe, and be real 1 Jn 1:3
God’s kingdom plan for all creation is to dwell in intimate relationship with the triune God and with one another. We foster a taste of such relationships through small groups and in all aspects of our life together.

Life-long EQUIPPING, empowering people of all ages to live missionally Heb 13:21
God’s purpose for the Church is to make passionate, devoted Christ-followers who live and love like Jesus. We engage in discipleship that is comprehensive from conversion to maturity, and encourages and equips believers to live as those called to participate in the mission of God.

Life-giving MISSIONAL OUTREACH, reclaiming God’s people and world Mt 28:18-20
Our missionary God’s primary activity is “seeking and saving the lost.” Thus, Christ calls us to live and proclaim the gospel as the primary thing in all we are and do. We engage in and support local and global outreach demonstrating Christ’s love, power, and grace and expanding God’s kingdom reign over individuals and society.

Life-encompassing STEWARDSHIP, declaring Christ as Lord over all our life Lk16:10-12
Our creator God has placed the human race as stewards over Earth. We seek to be faithful and trustworthy stewards of all the people, property, and resources God has placed under our care individually and corporately.