Connecting • Loving • Growing • Serving
3100 Windsor Avenue, Dubuque, IA
Worship - 10:45am Sunday


At GracePoint it’s not just the pastors who are called to ministry.  We all are!

Because God-given gifts, talents, and resources are used to serve others, physical and spiritual help is available for people who

  • lack food, clothing and or have other physical needs, in our community or in the world,
  • need answers to the tough questions of life,
  • have unpleasant memories of (or even scars from) “church,”
  • really want to know and experience the Triune God,
  • need prayer support,
  • are ready and looking for a place to serve the community and/or the world.

Find the ministry that can serve you.  Or join the ministry that matches your passion and calling.