Connecting • Loving • Growing • Serving
3100 Windsor Avenue, Dubuque, IA
Worship - 10:45am Sunday


Everything that happens at GracePoint is about Connecting, Loving, Growing, and Serving.  These are the four stages of spiritual growth in the journey of discovering your full potential and deepest joy in Christ.  We welcome you to come take life’s journey with us…

When you come, to worship or to one of our fun GP events, with questions about life, personal and relational struggles, or doubts about your worth, you are in the right place.  At GracePoint, you can ask tough questions, find practical help, connect with God’s power and provision, and meet people who really care.  You can Connect with God through our many connecting venues.

The more you encounter God’s perfect love for you, the more you will desire to be in close relationship with God.  At GracePoint, you can discover many avenues to connect with God’s extravagant love and inexhaustible grace.  Living, loving, growing, and serving are all best done and more fun in community.  So you will also find many safe avenues to build close relationships.  You will learn to Love God and Each Other through our many worship, prayer, and fellowship venues.

Look around GracePoint, and you will see opportunities to learn and grow no matter what your age or stage of life.  We call that “equipping.”  Come discover in the Bible the inexhaustible riches of
-knowing God personally,
-partnering in God’s amazing plans for the world and you,
-embracing who you are as God’s child,
-claiming God’s promises and principles for life, and
-discerning and developing your unique gifts to serve the world.
You will Grow in Grace and Truth through our many equipping venues.

The more you connect, love, and grow, the more you will want to serve God and other people.  Church ministry teams, community outreach, and mission trips are all service choices available you.  As you serve others, you will connect people to God and the journey begins anew.  You can Serve Dubuque and the World through our many service venues.