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3100 Windsor Avenue, Dubuque, IA
Worship - 10:45am Sunday

Worship Online

We are a place of unconditional acceptance and life-changing grace!  We will not judge you, embarrass you, or ask you to stand up, pay up, or speak up!  We encourage a “come just as you are” environment both in what you wear and in where you are in life’s journey.  We are a multi-generational congregation from all walks of life and in all stages of faith.  You will see some in suits and dresses, and some in jeans and t-shirts.  Some have been Christ-followers for decades; some are just considering Christ.

Our worship style is an inspiring blend of the ancient and the new.  We worship God in song through classic hymns and new choruses.  We incorporate a pipe organ, piano, electric guitars, keyboards, and drums.  The sermons are full of grace and go deep into the Bible to present practical truth empowered by the Holy Spirit — to equip you to live a life of faith, hope, and love.

Click here for the YouTube link: Worship-LIVE 

Watch and Participate: sing along, read scripture, and pray.

GracePoint Worship: Every Sunday ~ 10:45-11:55am

~ expository preaching ~ hymns ~ worship band ~ variety of worship styles ~ relevant messages

Worship in the church building is available. Wearing a face mask is optional.