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GracePoint Story

The Story of GracePoint

Inspired by God ~ Made whole by Christ ~ Formed by the Spirit

      Chapter One ~ Unofficial Beginnings:  1875 – 1890

      Chapter Two ~ Officially the Church:  1890 – 1963
    Known as Third Presbyterian Church

      Chapter Three ~ Moving & Building:  1963 – 2002

      Chapter Four ~ Being Moved & Rebuilding:  2003 – Eternity

 “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain.”
Our triune God is the One rebuilding our house,
which is why we can be confident of a fruitful future.
Our missionary God is renovating us into
a house of prayer,
a temple of God’s presence,
a hospital, an equipping center, and a lighthouse.
As the Lord continues this mighty work,
we become a renewed place of grace —
a GracePoint for God’s glory.

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Appendix ~ List of Pastors who Served God and the Church in the Eagle Point District of Dubuque