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Mission to Mexico — Work Day #5

Mission to Mexico – Day 7

Well, it is finished! With an additional two hours of work, the outside wall of the church is visible and the rooms have corners. All of the construction materials were scrubbed and nearly all were loaded on the truck, including a very large cement mixer on two wheels by 2:30 p.m. Wait until you see those pictures!

It was hard to say “good byes” to Asuzanna, the women who cooked our morning snacks, the construction crew, Emilino, Pastor Jose, and the children. Pastor Felipe and his family joined us for dinner tonight, so we were able to see him once more.

Oh yes, and our morning snacks were served on china and glass dishes. We were invited to sit down at the table, and we were served delicious chicken soup, home made soft tortillas, and jello. We were presented a banner made by the teenagers of the congregation. At the end of the work day, the construction boss formed a frame of wood and then poured cement in it. After 10 minutes, we were instructed to mark our names in the cement. They will keep the stone as a reminder of us and our service to Dios es amor.

As Vic so candidly said at devotions tonight, “I signed up for this mission trip thinking that I would be serving the people in Mexico. I know now that I am the one who has been served.”

We will leave “our casa” in the morning at 4:30! Please pray that the check-in at the Cancun airport goes smoothly and that we sail through customs in Chicago.

Our tired bodies will be home soon, but a piece of our hearts will be here in Mexico with our brothers and sisters in Christ, the Family of God.

Tonight’s Devotions: John 13: 12-17