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Mission to Mexico — Work Day #4

Mission to Mexico – Day 6

The west wall of the church building is ready for concrete blocks. The blocks were delivered this afternoon after we left and are waiting for our early arrival tomorrow. We are a TIRED group of Americanos!

But, we still are not getting skinny!! The Dios es amor church people brought extra homemade snacks for us today—more like a full lunch. And, then we have David cooking lunch and dinner for us. Oh, my, when everything tastes soooo good, we just have to eat it all.

Today, we were able to work with the Dios es amor members as we moved rocks and dirt using our hands, shovels, pick axes, and buckets. We also worked together on the two concrete bucket lines—moving the buckets of concrete to the forms and then getting the empty buckets back to the filling up place. It was wonderful to be working along side our brothers and sisters in the Christian faith.

This afternoon some of the group “regrouped” and took the ferry to Isle Majuers (Island of the Women). We rented golf carts and were able to drive around the entire island in two hours.

Pastor Dana stayed on the mainland and raked the beach behind the hotel as a thank you for the Cuban coffee, which is delivered to his door step by the hotel owner each morning.

Tonight, we were honored and blessed to have Ramon and his wife, Nadi, join us for dinner and devotions. Of course, the meal was delicious (AGAIN)!

Everyone has gone to bed early tonight tired and in anticipation of a “work-until-its-done” day tomorrow.

Tonight’s Devotions: Mark 10:39-45

Please pray for strength and energy for each person in this small, determined group. Pray for the courage to say “until we meet again” to the construction crew; the church members; David, who cooked for us; Maria, who owns the hotel and looked after us, and OF COURSE, Pastor Felipe and Pastor Ramon, our bosses and God’s men of faith!!