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Mission to Mexico – Work Day #2

Mission to Mexico — Day Three
ANOTHER day of God-guided, inspiring events:
• Finishing the seven rebar columns AND getting them “installed”! (That was the five-day work goal. Now it’s finished in TWO, we can bucket the concrete into the forms on top of the foundation and part way up the columns, and lay concrete blocks for the walls of the Sunday School rooms.)
• Seeing the Saturday morning children’s ministry in full swing at the Shalom church. (That is the vision of Dios es amor—to begin a Saturday morning children’s ministry at their new church site.)
• Meeting the people of Dios es amor at a Fiesta they planned. (That was MORE great food, fun games played by all ages, music, and lots of hugs.)

Tonight’s Devotions: The testimony of Asuzanna, a young mother who was helped out of depression by hearing the example of Gilda’s perseverance through physical trials and Gilda’s passion for the family of God in Mexico. Asuzanna is a new church member and heard about Gilda during one of Pastor Felipe’s sermons. She shared her story tonight with Judy, and when we got back to the hotel, Judy repeated the testimony to our group.

“The Lord moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.”