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Mission to Mexico — First Day of Serving

Mission to Mexico – Day Two
Wow, what a day—the first day of work on the new church building site! We were up and eating breakfast by 6 a.m. After devotions and the filling of water bottles, we were off to the work site.

This first morning, we received our instructions from Ramon, the master organizer. Imagine, American over-achievers waiting for a job to do. We only got in the way a couple times. The biggest and hottest task was to dig down to bedrock for the placement of the cornerstone. With rock everywhere on the surface, we were surprised that solid rock was 4.5 feet down! The diggers (Doug, Dana, and Todd) prayed early on, and later everyone gathered around the hole of dirt to pray for bedrock discovery soon. God answered those prayers in the next 30 minutes with the beautiful sound, “ka-thunk.” Emanual, an active member of Dios es amor, came to help, and was the person who struck the bedrock blow.

The women “straightened things out” throughout the work day by removing the arc of cut rebar, so that two people could then bend each one into a 5×7 frame. It takes 35 rebar ties to hold the form of four, 20-foot pieces of thick rebar. By 12:30, four of the seven rebar forms were together…the beginning of seven support columns along the outside wall of the church. (We will all hear the pounding as we fall asleep.)

There were other highlights of this day (like scorpions), but the computer is not responding well, again tonight. We wish you were all here with us to experience the power of God’s Spirit and share the vision for the increase of the Kingdom that this small congregation has. Thank you for your prayers, and we thank Gilda for her passion for the People of Faith in Mexico.

God is protecting us!

Tonight’s Devotions: John 18:25-27 and 21:15-17