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Mission to Mexico 2014 day 2

We woke up to a monsoon. But God had plans for us. He cooled the day so we could work laying a concrete roof or second floor depending where you are standing. Everyone worked hard along side the same workers we met 2 years ago. It was so great to work with this crew of gentleman again. Of course it was great to see Pastor Jose, his wife, and Eneida. Ladies carry cement blocks that weigh approx. 40 lbs. guys lifted the blocks from scaffolding and handed them to the guys on the roof/floor to lay them down between cement beams. It was hard work but satisfying. We worked hard until 12:45 pm. Went back to the hotel to a delicious meal. ready to cool down now. This afternoon we are preparing the children’s treat bags to hand out when we see them on Saturday and Sunday. Pastor Ramon continues to be our wonderful Pastor guide. More later. (Judy Godwin)
From Roger: We lifted 5,000 lbs. of concrete T beams and 24,000 lbs. of cinder block to make the ceiling/second floor. Guess what? We are ahead of schedule again this year! Pastor Jose says we work too fast.