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Adult Discipleship Classes

The Winter-Spring GracePath Module 4 will begin on March 11 with two course choices for adults: Seeking Allah; Finding Jesus and Experiencing God’s Delight.

Seeking Allah; Finding Jesus: In Seeking Allah; Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi shares the powerful story of his journey from faith in Allah to faith in Jesus Christ. Along the way, he gives valuable insight into Islam, sharing cultural, intellectual and theological barriers that often stand in the way of Muslims accepting Jesus. However, despite his objections to Christianity, it was the friendship of Christians, the historical facts of the life of Jesus, and divine revelation that convinced Nabeel of the truth of the Gospel. Nabeel’s testimony will deepen your understanding of American Muslims and draw you closer to Jesus as you consider the amazing ways He works today. This class is taught by Mary Hirschey. (Mary is a certified Precepts instructor.)

Experiencing God’s Delight: This class is a workshop on how God replaces our shame with living out our true identity in Christ as beloved sons and daughters of God. Be equipped in the spiritual formation practices of completive prayer and scripture meditation. These practices are God’s channels of grace that allow the Holy Spirit of powerfully affirm God’s delight in you through Christ. This soul care group is lead by Pastor Christopher English.

Dates: Both classes run through May 20, 20218