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Mission Trips

October 2017

October 2017

2016 Mission with Mexico

In Cancun, the 27 people from Dubuque and the congregation of Dios es Amor worshipped together. We sang, prayed, read , scripture, and got lots of hugs.

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014 Day Seven (the last one!)

The Final Work Day…Mission Accomplished…SIGH!!! Back to the hotel at 12:00 with our work complete. Lunch at 1:00 and then a number of folks are headed to a beach. 80 degree, sunny and a slight breeze. Yesterday we poured 21.5 110 lb. bags of Portland cement. A batch was a half bag of Portland, 2 […]

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014 Day Six

Today, we were back on our work schedule — breakfast at 6, at the worksite by 7. The electrician was finishing his work and then it took a little time to set up the scaffolding, unload the mixer, get the buckets full of sand and gravel, get the bucket line organized, and then the REAL […]

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014 Day Five

Bible study at Principe de Paz in Playa del Carmen this morning and worship with Dios es Amor in the evening…what a wonderful day of learning about and praising our Lord with brothers and sisters in Christ! And, of course, there was a party after the worship service. (: (: (: Tomorrow is “Bucket Line […]

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014 Day Four

What a joy to see 80+ children from age 5-15 at the Shalom Church’s children’s ministry. They have 180 registered children from the near neighborhoods and from far away neighborhoods. A staff of 30 people from the church share God’s love with the children each Saturday from 9am to 2pm. The WELL organized ministry includes […]

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014 – DAY THREE

We had a fantastic day today! We were wondering if there was any work left to do. Wellll, we moved a pile of sand and a pile of gravel by filling buckets and carrying the contents to a new location on the property. The engineers with us believe we moved 5-6 ton of sand and […]

Mission to Mexico 2014 day 2

We woke up to a monsoon. But God had plans for us. He cooled the day so we could work laying a concrete roof or second floor depending where you are standing. Everyone worked hard along side the same workers we met 2 years ago. It was so great to work with this crew of […]

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014 ~ Day One

We have arrived, consumed an amazing dinner, and are headed for our bed!!! Wow, are we happily tired, just from the travel to get here! But it feels like “home.” Pastor Ramon looks the same, has the same enthusiasm, and is still in charge (thankfully)! His parting words tonight after devotions, “Be sure to bring […]

Mission with Mexico ~ 2014

Sunday, March 9: Commissioning Day Our group was blessed with a wonderful commission service today at GracePoint AND by having more people sign up to “Pray A Day” while we are gone. Packing carefully is our next hurdle and remembering passports, of course! God has great things in store for us as we work beside […]

Mission to Mexico – Day 8

Mission to Mexico – Return Day The mission is concluded; the relationships are strengthened; the requests to return are many!! Thank you all for covering us with your prayers. We were aware of the prayer support, even down to getting each of us into a seat on the over-booked plane from Chicago to Dubuque. God […]

Mission to Mexico — Work Day #5

Mission to Mexico – Day 7 Well, it is finished! With an additional two hours of work, the outside wall of the church is visible and the rooms have corners. All of the construction materials were scrubbed and nearly all were loaded on the truck, including a very large cement mixer on two wheels by […]

Mission to Mexico — Work Day #4

Mission to Mexico – Day 6 The west wall of the church building is ready for concrete blocks. The blocks were delivered this afternoon after we left and are waiting for our early arrival tomorrow. We are a TIRED group of Americanos! But, we still are not getting skinny!! The Dios es amor church people […]

Mission to Mexico — Third Work Day

Mission to Mexico – Day 5 This morning, we got a slow start because the workers had to bring a cement mixer. But, we finished today’s job by noon, and had everything put away JUST before the rain began!!!! God hears the prayers of His people! Thank you all for praying about the weather. After […]

Mission to Mexico — Day of Worship

Mission to Mexico – Day Four Our grace, mercy, and compassion meter ran all the way to the top today. How can we take in any more? We drove to Playa del Carmen this morning to see the church building that some of us worked on in 2003 and 2005. What we saw at Principe […]

Mission to Mexico – Work Day #2

Mission to Mexico — Day Three ANOTHER day of God-guided, inspiring events: • Finishing the seven rebar columns AND getting them “installed”! (That was the five-day work goal. Now it’s finished in TWO, we can bucket the concrete into the forms on top of the foundation and part way up the columns, and lay concrete […]

First Day of Mission to Mexico

What a great day! What a great group of travelers! What a great church that God is growing in the western suburbs of Cancun!

Mission to Mexico Daily Update and Prayer Requests

During the Mission to Mexico from March 8-15, daily posts will appear in this blog. The same information will be posted on the GracePoint facebook page.

Mission to Mexico — First Day of Serving

Mission to Mexico – Day Two Wow, what a day—the first day of work on the new church building site! We were up and eating breakfast by 6 a.m. After devotions and the filling of water bottles, we were off to the work site.

Mission to Mexico

Day One — Getting Here What a great day! What a great group of travelers! What a great church that God is growing in the western suburbs of Cancun! The quiet hotel north of the Hotel Zone (all of the resorts)is a glorious, intimate spot for this group of 13. The view is spectacular; we […]